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W1R2 Take 2, a mound mountain and a chemical cloud

Grey drizzley weather today which I think I prefer to scorching heat. Unfortunately the next field was being sprayed with something. I ignored it for a while then realised that it smelt rather chemically and was still being worked on, so I relocated to a different field during my walking interval. In addition to a lot more dog poo, the new field also had a slight gradient! My final running interval was uphill. To be fair it was more up a very small mound, but I definitely felt more puffed than Monday! Today I motivated myself by imagining one day shopping in high street shops that don't sell my size!

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Hope the knees hold out this time round :-)


Thanks, I felt a few twinges of pain during the warm up walk, but then it went away, hooray!


Hi big-momma! Those blooming dogs - don't you just hate their mess! I prefer the cold drizzle to the heat too. You can always put something else on whereas there is a limit as to how much you can decently take off (in my case without scaring everyone!) Well done you for getting out again! I haven't done any hill running yet but I will have to one day as the distances increase. Felt a lot better today - less pain in my thigh fronts and calf's. Something good must be happening there!

Keep the motivation thoughts up! We're all behind you!


Pleased to hear that your run was more comfortable,! I went out in just a vest and capri running trousers today and got a couple of odd looks as it really wasn't that warm! Good luck for your next run!


So pleased to hear you are still getting out there ... But, heck, being sprayed and then poop splattered isn't my idea of fun! Still, I guess you won't get wheat diseases this year, and maybe you'll grow tall and slender and golden, so some kind of consolation, eh? :D LOL

Glad too that the knees are behaving, probably means that little by little your muscles and tendons are doing their job properly and keeping the joint safe ... Hope so.

Off for my run in a little while, after banana and water lunch; still grey and breezy outside ... But nicer, as you say, than scorching heat! Will take in a couple of hills, but honestly there's no rush for you, cos you are still getting your body used to this new activity. Better to sneak it up on your bod when your stamina and strength have improved a bit - meanwhile stick with steady and slowly - nobody cares, so just enjoy yourself. Keep at it, you're doing just great :)

Ewwwww, shopping ... count me in! ;) Linda


Ha ha, I think that apart from at Race for Life, I will leave the big hills to you grads. Yes, I can imagine my run would have been even more fun without being covered in anything unexpected! Hope that your run went well!


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