Graduation - Take 2!

Graduation - Take 2!

Arctic winds? Pah!! I laugh in the face of arctic winds! 

I graduated last September, days before being diagnosed with a chronic bowel disease, which arrived with a side order of chronic fatigue. 4 months of total and utter exhaustion, joint pain, rubbish sleep and reduced working hours left me pretty despondent, it has to be said. I believed iI'd never run again. 

But I started running again 9 weeks ago and today I (re)graduated at Parkrun, with the biggest smile on my face and a heart fit to burst!  My lovely friend ran with me, to help keep me going, and I told her the aim of the day was to make 30mins non-stop. We did that, then after a quick review of the situation we decided that we'd just go a bit further.... until we NEEDED to stop, rather than WANTED to. 

Well, you guessed it - we ran the whole 5k!!  It was slow, but it was a steady pace, and it means that I know that my body is capable of 5k - I just need to work on my mind now. 

Mighty chuffed!  🏃🏻😃


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20 Replies

  • wow!!   Man you are serious encouragement to me and I am sure many others.  Big, Big Congratulations!  I love this forum for this very reason. Real, honest people like you.

  • BTW, I'm 54.  Don't let your age define you.

  • Big cheer and congratulations on re-graduating! Great that you can run again and glad the bowel disease is under control. There's no stopping you now!

  • Thanks! 

  • Brilliant work. Well done.

  • Massive well done to you :)

  • Great post and a really positive story! Congratulations on graduating🙂

  • Massive congratulations Rhed, just brilliant. The second graduation mis just a sweet as the first, isn't it! 😀😀

  • Indeed.  But let's hope I never have to start from scratch again! 😊

  • Fantastic ! Well done on overcoming such a debilitating condition , and getting back out there .

    Many Congratulations to you !

    Lovely post, thanks for sharing xxx

  • Just wow! Well done on all counts :)

  • Congratulations and thanks for posting, great going!

    I have IBD and it can be pretty miserable, so it's good to see these inspiring achievements.  I've just finished week 4  :-)

  • Sorry to hear that - tough, isn't it! 

    Well done on finishing week 4. Are you feeling strong? 🏃🏻

  • Oh yes it can be real tough, been about 6 years now.  I find that it comes in phases (and for me stress can bring a relapse), but good at the moment.  Hope that you stay well.

    Week 4 was good thanks, feeling a bit scared of the end of week 5 though *gulps*

  • Don't worry about Week5. Just keep doing what you've done so far.  You already know that it is a step up, but it's more about your mind than your legs.  

    Go for it! 🏃

  • Thanks :-D

  • How fantastic! So glad you've got back to it. Fab photo - your delight shines through!

  • That's not me - that's a friend who is a real runner (he did 22mins yesterday), celebrating my finish.  He's been a great support as I've got back into it, and he was the one who convinced me to go for Parkrun for graduation.  I was tempted to do my usual course, but he said it'd be more of an occasion at Parkrun. He was right!! 😊

  • Ooh sorry! Did I give you a sex change too?

  • Yes! But I hadn't realised Matt was even in the pic when I took it. I thought I only had the flag! 😊

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