Couch to 5K

Week 4 run 3 - nil points

After inventing a game to play whilst your running on the last run - i scored a grand total of zero points.

Had 40 minutes to fit run I whilst biggest daugther was at swimming. Managed (bearly) 11 laps of the running track and app reported 4.5k run/walked.

Mentally and physically this was the hardest todate and I feel like ***t !!!!! Don't recommend doing running on the track "too boring", heaven knows what Mo Farah is thinking about when he does the 10K.

Broken man tonight - but week 5 here i come !!

Good luck to all

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Hey RM, broken man be not.

As you brought us the running bingo/I-spy game it's only right we liven up your track running.

Think not of the track but of crowds cheering your name as you break new C25k ground.

Think not of the track but of dusty red sands in the outback as you run around

Think not of the track but of wild plains of Africa and wildebeest in the Serengeti.

Think not of the track but of sweltering rain forest, playing i-don't-spy something beginning with tree...

Think not of the track but of sandy beach, bikini clad visions at either end

Think not of the track but of future tales of great running adventures that twitter will trend

Think not of the track but of the wilds of Scotland passing red crested SwanScot, a photographer in tow

Think not of the track running man, only of how much further you can now go.

All the best for week 5 ;)


I love this.runningnotwalking, brilliant!


Thank you :)


Week 5 run tonight and already planned a route that doesn't involve tracks, also signed up for a ParkRun on Saturday, I may be down - but not beaten.


Good for you for keeping going. I try and think of anything but the running but it doesn't always work. Yes how do those athletes run for so long! I'd be drifting off the track. You did better than those sitting on the couch.


Well done on sticking with it maybe the Zombies run app would help, or maybe listen to an audiobook getting lost in the story


I love daydreaming when I'm running, and how when you come to your senses you realise you're running steadily. I think that's when you know you're in the zone and running well. I plan my weekly eats when I'm running, making a mental shopping list. Keep up the good work Mark, and enjoying your running


I'm with you miss w Make up all sorts of to do lists when running Favourite one is the tidying cupboards /decluttering /taking to charity shop all the clothes and stuff I don't use or need Very therapeutic and feel very virtuous --- or I would if I ever actually got round to doing what's on the list Oh well girl can dream By the way love your poem running not walking




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