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Week 6 run 1 thank god it's over

For some reason I thought week 6 run 1 would be ok after surviving 20 mins non stop ha

It seemed worse, I don't know if was after a weekend of excess (bank holidays throw my nice structured run and diet out of the window ha) or my legs were still heavy after the 20 min run and then being in heels two nights in a row but I knew as soon as I set out it was gonna be tough

I got through it but only by sheer stubbornness that I'd never stopped on any other runs ha :-)

Hoping run 2 will be better now I'm back on track :-)

Hope everyone had a lovely bank holiday :-)

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Well done you. I felt that one was really tough too. But only one more, and you can say goodbye to intervals!


Ha I'm a bit scared to say goodbye to intervals as that's when I get my breath back ha :-)


Well done Nelly! I'm two runs away from where you are today, so I take my hat off to you. I wonder if you had run in heels would it have been easier?? Hmmm.....interesting thought.



Thanks!! you'll do great and good luck for your 20 min run.

Think it may have resulted in me breaking my neck or my ankles ha ha :-)


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