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Week 5 run 3!!

Just feel so pleased with myself as I managed the dreaded 20 mins without a break.

To all of you who gave me encouragement I thought of you on my way round & it really helped.

If I can do it other oaps can as well so give it a go.

A lovely morning here saw a lot of hares "boxing" in the fields couldn't keep up with them though.........maybe week 9???

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Well done! Your post comes at exactly the right time for next one is 5/3 and I am quite sure it will be impossible for me....but maybe.....if I


If I can do it (I'm 70) you can I have never run before but if you have done all the earlier runs you will do it. Lots of luck let me know how you get on.

Will be thinking on you & spurring you on.


Good for you, I just got back from my W5R3 too. However, I am almost exactly half your age, so I have every respect for your achievement. I wonder how much my joints would ache in another 35 years if I hadn't got off the couch now!

Here it decided to be lovely weather :) Good luck for your next run.


Great job! W5R3 is a very significant milestone on this journey. I will be attempting it next week and I can't even fathom running 20mins right now. Good luck with week 6.



Many thanks I'm soooo pleasd with myself Laura is right it really is a mental thing I did not find it too much. I tend to think about all the stuff I won't get like diabetes heart attack stroke etc etc (I used to be a nurse). That keeps me going & believe me I didn't think I could do it but YOU CAN you have done all the hard work.

Lots of luck, Liz


Well done you you are doing great ,did my run in the rain this morning lovely .Pat :-)


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