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I ran for 29 minutes!!

Well, I can't quite believe it, but yes - I ran for 29 minutes this afternoon! So chuffed with myself! I just thought I'd go out and see how far I could go listening to my running playlist. Last Tuesday I went out and did one run of week 4 so it's been a bit of an unexpected step up but I wanted to push myself a bit.

Was definitely feeling tired towards the end but couldn't believe it when I looked at my ipod and saw I'd been running for nearly half an hour!! Amazing! Still have a sore spot on my shin when I stop running, but absolutely no pain when running or when moving about (and seeing the physio Wed), so am just going to keep plowing on :-) YES!!

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Amazingly well done, just shows you are well on your way and getting into the routine. Don't want to rain on your parade, but do continue plodding along with the programme once your physio has given you the all clear. The weekly build up of stamina and toning is deliberately slowly increased to get your limbs (and psyche) appropriately prepared for the longer distances and durations. It is great that you did almost half an hour today but your legs are probably not quite ready to do that 3 times a week ... And that's what the programme builds you up for.

I wish you lots of luck with your Wednesday appt - hope you get encouraging, positive news.

All being well, you'll soon be doing those 30 mins regularly and then aiming for 45s, 1hr etc LOL! Take care, and bask in your glory this evening and for the BH Monday too :D ;)

Have fun, Linda


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