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Oops but yay just did my first 10K+ run :-D


I was really tired on Thursday so had a day of rest and due to not sleeping well last night I missed park run this morning. Seems I missed it I decided to go on my week 2 run 2 of B210k.

Well anyway as any of you that have used the Samantha podcasts know it's quite easy to miss her telling you when to walk sometimes. As the time went on I kept wondering how long until I was supposed to walk as I felt I'd been running quite awhile but didn't want to check my Garmin just incase there was only a couple minutes until the first walk break, when all of a sudden the playlist ended! :-O Shock horror I looked at my Garmin then and realised not only did I miss Sam telling me when to walk and run I also missed her telling me to slow down for the cooldown. At that point I jogged for a couple more minutes then hit 'stop' on my Garmin and started to walk home.

Needless to say I'm quite worn out now but I've just uploaded the run and I managed 6.5miles! Still slightly shocked but very chuffed with myself :-D

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You should be extremely chuffed - that's fantastic! Well done & good luck with the next 10km :)


well done you.


Brilliant - that bit of rest did you good ! Well done :-)

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