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Lessons learnt; running with headache is not good

So W7r1 and although I finished by jogging at snails pace, I probably should have not gone out.

Meant to run yesterday but it was really wet and I run in fields and am not that confident yet; plus have Reynaulds so need to be sensible. Thought I would get out nice and early today but woke up with a migraine. 2 hours later managed to make it out of bed, take an Imigram, eat a banana, have a cup go herbal tea, and make some porridge.

Decided to run but brain not in gear and put ankle supports on badly, couldn't sort headphones properly etc....not a disaster but on top of the lingering head cold, the run was so hard!

Anyway done but need advise on ankle supports so going to post and have decided my body just doesn't want to play today so going to give in, do some washing and watch Les Mis!

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Don't be hard on yourself - YOU GOT OUT THERE! Probably not a brilliant run for you but you did get out and try. Not sure I could have gone with migraine. Sorry but can't help with the ankle supports but do be kind to yourself when your head hurts. FULL MARKS FOR TRYING!


Goodness, I certainly can't run with a migraine! Well done for completing it :)


Imigram is pretty much a miracle drug. If I take it easy enough I can make it through a day with just a bad head. Without I have to sleep. Full on migraine is a nightmare and I couldn't get out of bed with one...this was a baby migraine luckily.

Not sure why I got be, usually there is a trigger but it could be the head cold has blocked up my sinuses and caused it...who knows.

But thanks for the encouragement. That is the best bit of this site especially for a solo jogger


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