W2R1 knees to support or not to support-that is the question 😊

About 4 years ago I started running, I didn't use a program but was a lot fitter then. I had to stop as my knees became very painful so it was difficult to walk and also became very swollen. I had X-rays and there was nothing wrong.

I have just decided to get back into running but slowly doing a proper program hopefully strengthening my knees as I go. I am also carrying an extra 2 stone so more strain on my knees I looked on this forum - loads of great advice that I put into action today . Run slow, small steps, lowering the impact, trying not to stride and placing my feet in line with my body rather than in front.👣👣 Some great advice - also knee exercises Which I plan to start- maybe tomorrow on rest day.

I also wore knee supports but I'm not sure if this is the right thing, should I allow my knees to strengthen without support? They were also tight and put pressure on the back of the knees that was uncomfortable - my calfs ached for the first time and got very tired. Not sure if it was the supports stopping blood supply lol. or just the stepping up to a new week run.

Today wk2r1 was on the treadmill

Should I wear knee supports but buy a larger size or run 🏃 without? Any ideas would be appreciated 🏃🏃🏽‍♀️Sorry to ramble 😬 Thanks 🙏

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  • I am not an expert so only sharing my own thoughts. I had some knee stiffness and have found doing strength and flex exercises every day has greatly helped and I have good knees nowadays. I wouldn't want to use any compression or support because I prefer to strengthen through exercise and don't want to rely on anything

  • Yes I will try the exercises and take it from there. I do seem to have a niggle this morning but that could be all in the mind 😊

  • I wear knee supports when I run because when I started c25k about four months ago my knees were ok when running but my right knee would ache several hours later.

    This seems to have stopped now, whether it's due to changing my shoes, my knees getting stronger or the supports helping I don't know.

    The treadmill will be easier on your knees than the pavements, alternatively see if you can find a grassy field to run on.

  • I think it's a case of seeing what works. I shall try the exercises and take from there. The idea is 2 evening runs on the treadmill and the third outside on a Saturday. Near me it's quite hilly though I could drive to pontefract race course and that's not to bad and grass as well. Definitely shall bear it in mind Then any niggles wear a support

  • If X-rays haven't found anything then you *may* have alignment issues - no MRI or X-rays will detect that. Mis-alignment or tracking of your knee joints may be the reason why your knees started to hurt and swell. That was the case for me. I now wear custom-made orthotics (in-soles) and after 25 years of not being able to run, I can now :-)

    You're doing all the right things - but I'd advocate either (or both) seeing a sports physio or podiatrist and ask them to look at your alignment OR go to a specialist running shop and get your running gait analysed.

    Hope that helps!

    Good luck


  • That's definitely food for thought, if taking it slow and knee exercises don't work i will go along this path. Thanks for the advice

  • Lots of us get knee pain when we first start out. If you search the forum for 'essential quad strengthening exercises' you'll find the exercises my physio gave me to protect my knees. They really really do work -as long as you do them religiously every day. Also, if you check the pinned posts, you'll find the NHS guides on to how to run and stretch correctly. They're packed with great advice that will help and improve your running. Good luck.

  • Thanks for the advice. I will have a good look round the site.

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