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Week 8 Run 2

Well this week has been a bit difficult. After doing R1 on Monday lunchtime our granddaughter came home from nursery at 5pm and was promptly sick all over the kitchen floor. Since then she has been really poorly. So not much in the mood for running and I didn't want to leave my wife on her own with a sick child. Fortunately the little one is on the mend slowly so went out for R2 yesterday evening before tea.

I still can't believe that I can "run" for 28 mins. Looking forward to completing W8 tomorrow so that I can get on to the last week of C25k. It has been an amazing "journey".

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Hope 'Little One' is soon a lot better! Good luck for your last week!


Thanks for your good wishes. Our daughter managed, at last, to get Drs to take notice last night and she is now on antibiotic and seems to be getting better.


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