Why did I start this?

Well, I came to the decision to RE-START C25K to gain fitness. I have started C25K two times before but gave up around week 6. I'm 49, overweight in a sedentary job. I gave up smoking approximately 6 years ago and have also given up drinking alcohol nearly 2 years ago. Giving both of these up has improved my health I hope but I've been piling on the pounds for far too long. I haven't yet really lost any weight so far but I have stuck with C25K and started week 8 this morning. I'm so very happy to have got this far and only have 5 runs before graduating which is so close I can almost taste it. My family has noticed a difference in me though which is always good to hear, I'm holding myself differently and look "thinner" which I think means more toned rather than actually any thinner in reality. We are so hooked on looks aren't we? I'd dearly love to loose some weight but am concentrating on getting out there 3 times a week for 30 minutes each time and will then look to my diet thereafter. But some positive remarks from the family means I'm doing something right and its since doing this plan really! So, anyone out there thinking about taking up this plan I hope if you care to try it you give it a go. It really does work and as long as you listen to your body and keep putting one foot in front of the other if I can do it I'm sure you can too. Happy running everybody! SB x


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21 Replies

  • Great post - well done for powering through !

    I have not lost any weight since starting 3+ months ago but people are commenting as if I have so that's good enough for now.

    Good luck with your last few runs before Grad.

  • That's good to hear when people notice changes it's a real boost isn't it? X

  • You are doing amazingly! Well done! :D Today was my first day and I only managed one bout of 60 seconds, but that's still a big achievement for me! :D looking forward to wednesday when I can apply some of the advice i have taken today and hopefully smash that first podcast :D What you said about puttin g one foot in front of the other really makes me happy... i know for sure I can do that! :D Hugs and sparkles :D x

  • I think the first step is the hardest but you've done it too so keep posting on here and keep us all updated. X

  • Fantastic post SB, and great sentiments!!!!! Good luck with your remaining runs - I'm sure you'll smash them with a positive mental attitude :)

  • Not long now I can't wait! Always good to get help from graduates! X

  • You're doing brilliantly! I am 49 and a bit overweight too. I haven't lost any weight at all since starting (in fact have put a couple of pounds on!) but I FEEL so much better. It might all be in my head, because no-one else has commented, but that's ok - my head is my biggest enemy! I got my son to take photos of me in my underwear at the weekend and I've put a diary reminder on my pooter for 6 months' time so I can see if there is any change in body shape. I'm eating more healthily, drinking less alcohol, but I still have the naughty 9 o'clock munchies, which at the moment means a magnum (well, cheap supermarket version). I just can't help myself! Hey ho!

    Great post Sexy (I feel a bit weird calling you that!) - I love all this team talk!

  • So glad I'm not alone! It's such a great group on here! X

  • well said! you're nearly there and the benefits are showing! looking forward to your graduation post! :)

  • Me too nearly there x

  • Hola SB, First it took my several attempts to finish c25k for various reasons, holidays, injury and moving to the other side of the world. So stick with in your reward in firmly in your reach now and you will do it - only 6 more runs to go that is fantastic and we will be waiting for you at the finish line.

    i just wanted to say its really hard to shift the weight - i really struggle i find it hard to say no and since moving to chile things have got worse as I have substituted sweets etc with wine and red meat which are staples here. Its my own fault really as i have no will power. Having said that since doing c25k even though i have lost and then gained about 10lbs due to other due to poor diet choices HOWEVER today someone told me (in spanish) that my body has changed since running. Also in one of my race photos i thought i am starting to look slightly better - still got alot of work to do but getting better slowly. So when your family are saying those things its because its true - the scales might not reflect it but running does and WILL change your shape. So please believe your family and friends as they are tell you the truth!!

  • Sorry there are so many errors in that post!!!

  • Oh Chile! Wow! Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to running over that finish line next week! See you there x

  • Weight it just numbers. You're going out there, you're running, you're feeling better, people have noticed you're looking better - all more important things than those numbers.

    Just a few more runs till you graduate, then you can work on continuing to run for 30 mins 3 times a week and your health is bound to make further improvements.

    You're going great - keep up the good work.

    :) xx

  • Thank you! All these replies are motivation enough! X

  • I hoped to lose weight too, but although people say I look thinner I weigh the same on the scales - maybe muscle is replacing fat. Recently started the 5-2 diet and that is shifting the weight.

  • I'm going to try to sort food once I've graduated. Not long now! X

  • Wow what a journey you 've had! I also really struggle to lose weight & haven't lost much at all so far but likewise have had positive comments from friends & family on my changing shape. I also feel much more confident, which is the most important thing in looking & feeling good I reckon. Have you taken any measurements other than weight? These often can give you a better picture of body change. You'll defo have converted some fat to muscle by now, so as muscle is denser than fat the scales can be misleading. I started the programme at the beginning of a summer of excess in terms of eating & drinking. I have stayed the same weight, which I reckon is result all things considered, but I have lost 12 cm around my waist. Why not take some measurements today & revisit in a month, I'd bet you 'll be pleasantly chuffed: ) and well done, keep going!!!! X

  • Wow 12 cm is fantastic! Well done you. We just need to keep this up! X

  • MarlyParly is right about changing shape. Someone commented to me last Saturday's Parkrun that I looked to have lost weight - so maybe muscles are weighing more - anyhow it's all good

  • Hey SB! Really good to hear from and congrats on getting to week 8. (I remember us exchanging messages in your 'Oh Dear' post 2 months back).

    Like yourself, I am also in a sedentary job and overweight but I am 3 years younger. I found that the c25k program helped me lose a little bit of weight but not that much. As you say, there was a change in body shape for the better, but I reckon that whilst I was losing fat I was putting on muscle and the two combined meant that I did not get the weight drop I was hoping for.

    As a result I have, over the last 3 weeks, combined running with fasting 2 days out of 7. I am following Dr Michael Mosley's 5:2 fast diet which, by the way, also reduces likelihood of heart disease, stroke, etc. Since I started I have noticed some significant improvements So maybe you want to check it out.

    Either way I am really looking forward to hearing about your graduation and will raise a glass in your honour when you make it. Best wishes. Mark.

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