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Week 5 Run 2

Well just got in from Week 5 Run 2.

Didn't go too bad, I slowed my pace down right from the start as I don't think I would have made the 8 mins at my usual pace and had read a lot of slow and steady posts. Think it worked as I got through it! My calves were rock hard by the end of it so I have an ice pack on them as I write this. Other than the muscles my breathing was really good and I recovered super quick so thats encouraging. Funny remembering back a few weeks when a minute left me probably more puffed.

The 8 minute runs have definitely been overshadowed by the thought of Fridays run. I'm dreading it...especially as I'm moving overseas late Friday so if I don't complete it then it could be nearly a week before I can get out again and I think that would be pretty off putting to get back into a Week 5 Run 3! So fingers crossed for me!

Have also found my distance for this weeks runs has dropped by a couple of hundred metres...I know I shouldn't worry about distance at the moment but its irritating!

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You'll be fine I just did run 3 tonight, it's a mental challenge but physically you will be ready if you've followed the programme. Good luck!


I have just done w5r3 for the second time - did the programme last summer. And I was still dreading it. But it was actually fine and it goes quicker than you think. One thing that has helped recently is that I read I should running with your thighs and not powering from your shins/calves/feet. The lower legs should naturally follow to stop u falling on your face lol. And so I focused on visualising my thighs working and the run was a lot easier with no shin niggles. Bizarre


Hey thats a great idea! I shall give it ago. Guess it would make more sense to power off a bit more from my thighs, I don't think I have been doing that. Maybe concentrating on that will make the 20 mins go faster too :)

Congrats on the both of u completing the dreaded run :) Ill let you know how I go on Friday


Believe me, you can do it. Having completed the two runs of week 5, you are physically prepared for it. The program has worked for people like me, who didn't do any running before! It is more of a mental challenge. So make sure that you are relaxed. You just have to make sure that you are not running fast - make it a light jog. Don't worry about the time. All the best!


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