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W6r3 ;0) up early this morning and did the 25 mins with the last minute as a proper run.

Didn't expire at work and managed by Pilates class tonight even jogging part of the way home; although not having eaten since midday I could only manage 5 mins.

Now to eat ;0)

Couldn't have managed to get this far without your support folks. I run alone and pretty much live alone too; 1 son at Uni, other off this Sept. if it wasn't for you lot I would have given up long ago.

As it is 3 more weeks and I will have graduated...amazing

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Well done you! We're about the same place. Isn't it amazing how far we've come in such a short time. Mind you I couldn't do any of it as a 'proper' run!


Well done, almost at the finish line now!


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