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Thanks to everyone

Thank you everybody who responded to my last post.

To the last poster dont worry about how fast others are: I felt similar to you but knew I could run 5k so had a go even though I had a feeling I would be last in but as I have stated before Parkruns are not a race.. I have been encouraged by everyone at the parkrun I go to and have been told I will get faster the more I do it which I hope so.

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Good for you, ebony! You're lucky you can access a Parkrun fairly easily. We live miles from the nearest one (80+) but I've suggested to our local Leisure and Rec Department that they might consider starting one up. I'm not sure there would be enough people wanting to do it yet but hopefully something will come of it! Best wishes. :)


Keep running ebony! You're doing great!!! :-) Gayle


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