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wahooo i ran 5k!


I've just done the week 6 run 1 and, using Runkeeper, managed to track how far I'd gone (as I have been doing for the past few weeks) and I ran just over 5K!!!! including the walking parts of course. I am AMAZED. I run around a beautiful lake, and usually end up getting round it twice, but todays run took me 2 and a half times around it. My car (yes I drive there, but there's nowhere nice to run near my house!) was the other side of the lake and the podcast had finished, I even found the energy to run the other half of the circuit! So it might of taken longer than the podcast, but I DID IT!!

Onwards and upwards guys!!

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Wow! We were nowhere near that!


Wow - that's a fantastic pace you have! Well done :)

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