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W6 R2 ... Proud I finished

Well, I had one of those days today. Included walking to the other side of town and back twice, lots of work, no time to myself, no time to run ... but around 7pm I set out to run, forcing myself. I was so tired I just wanted to collapse. But I managed the two ten-minute intervals at my normal speed. My legs were made of lead and my chest hurt and all I could think about was stopping, but I made it! I can't say I felt better afterwards, but I was relieved when it stopped.

It felt important to me to prove I could still do it even when very tired. Hopefully I'll be feeling better by Wednesday and so the next run will be easier.

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Some runs you just have to put your head down and plough on through! Why don't you give yourself an extra rest day - you'll maybe feel the benefit and it won't put your training back at all. In fact, I'm sure you'll feel the better for it! There's no rush to get through the programme - after all you want to make lasting changes and I'm sure you won't just stop running when you do complete c25k. Best wishes. :)


Thanks, that's good advice. I might just postpone the next run until Thursday.


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