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Other exercise on rest days?

New to all this so just wondering about the rest days? I'm fairly active anyway and don't want to give up on other activities. Equally I don't want to fall behind on program, which means currently I'm running 3 times a week as it says. But am also swimming once a week and doing an hour long yoga class once a week. So only really getting 2 true rest days. Also walk with dog every day for anywhere between 40 mins and 2 hrs depending on weather/work etc.

So far, I feel ok other than general achy legs after runs. New shoes seem to have sorted out the other problems. Do the rest days have to be complete rest days, or just rest from running? Wondering if it should be ok to continue running 3 times a week or if I should be cutting back??!?

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I would say, a rest from running. As long as you're feeling ok, then cross training is fine. You have a great routine to my ears! The yoga and swimming will be excellent for your all-round strength, flexibility and stability. I might avoid a 2hr walk on a running day, but you're probably used to it , so no probs there. Good on you.


Rest days are badly named, it should state refrain from running days. Any other exercise will be good on non-run days. Swimming is brilliant as it helps with breathing, walking, cross training, gym work i.e. weights, cycling, the list is endless to be honest. I did swimming, aqua gym, walking, pilates and zumba, by mixing up my exerices it gave my legs muscles a chance to recover and also worked other parts of the body. Good luck with the program.


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