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Are there any members of Couch to 5K in Germany?


Would like to know of any Expatriates or Germans following this concept in Germany. I lived for several years in UK and got to know the NHS. I am very glad that I found now this program, because I asked our local Sports Club, if there is anybody out there to teach me running. But they wouldn't know who could train me and who would have liked to learn running at the same time now.-

Next week I will start on week 2 run 1. By Chance I get an answer, I hope.-

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If you go to the home page there is a tab that shows you people in your area, I had a look and there was a guy at the end of my road who was also following the programme! Ally x

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Thank you for answering. I updated my Profile in the system. Might be that there are surprises coming now! Thank you ;-) flower-arranger

Hello from Cologne ;)

I finished the couch to 5 programme a week ago and today I finished my first week running three times with the 5K+ Stepping Stone podcast.



Hi, I don't live in Germany, but I'm a German living in the UK, so did C25K over here (with one run in Germany when I was over there visiting family) :-)

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Hallo tantrumbean, thank you for answering. Next week Friday and Saturday I will be in London and have a Weekend break over there. Thank you for boosting my Moral ;-)

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