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W5R2 - running easy, but the walking??!!! and a trainers question

well, I have been as far as week 6 before so knew I could do this, and the running (well jogging!) was fine once I'd got past the first 4 minutes, but the walk in between and the warm down walk were a different story!

Does anyone else find their calves are replaced by large blocks of wood that make it really difficult to walk?? It's not painful, just don't feel they're my calves so really stiff walking

and i'm ready for new trainers but scared to wear them as my old ones are so comfortable, how long do you bed them in walking before feeling confident running in them? and is it really worth spending the extra on proper running shoes rather than regular trainers?

any advice welcome please

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If you buy properly fitted running shoes then there should be no need to bed them in before running in them. I know they are expensive, but worth every penny - in my opinion :-)


Yes I agree, proper running shoes, you can't look after yourself enough - running is hard on the joints. I had running shoes before but my first 'good' running shoes felt like I was running barefoot from day one. I've never had a blister or sore patch and only one injury which was me pushing myself too hard.

I went to the shop, got advice , tried them for size then bought them on the net for £30 less.

My calves feet 'tight' if that makes sense


hi thanks both, that's really useful advice and I will not see it as treating myself but essential!


Running shoes shouldn't be expensive. Taking my brothers advice I went off to a small local shop, didn't get gait tested or videoed... he told me to get a neutral shoe and not get bullied into spending lots... i gave the man my budget and tried on loads and I bought a £60 pair of transition shoes (halfway between padded trainers and barefoot). I love them, no blisters, no rubbing, not much padding, super light and really comfy to run in. They felt odd in comparison to my normal trainers but definitely make my running feel easier. I'd go to a proper shop, try them on and order online (I couldn't wait and bought mine in the shop :-) )



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