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after 5k. upping milage with walking and running

hi I can run 5k (just under 32 mins) but I get up early to do it and this combo is making me tried

I had to walk it the other day ( wisedom tooth out ) so did the same route I run

and I feel more awake today

was wondering if anyone knows any plans to up my running with walking inc in it

I am looking to do a muddy mayhem in oct 17 so have plenty of time to get fitter and up my milage

but can only train in the mornings

5 am runs are getting to me

at the moment I do three runs a week

don't want to add anymore days really

sorry for the long post


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Jeff Galloway is your man You don't say how long you have been running, but I can tell you, 5am runs are much easier in the Summer months. Be careful of becoming a slave to your running. I freely admit that I run far less in the Winter, simply because I had enough of torchlit runs through the mud before work in my first year of running. Missing a run every now and then doesn't mean you are backsliding. If you are not enjoying it then you are more likely to stop completely, so keep it enjoyable and if you are tired as a result of your current regime, then add an extra rest day.



Thanks for the link I will have a proper butchers at it tonight ..I have done the c25k and been doing 5k 3 times a week total 12 weeks worth of running ..I am enjoying just some days more tired then others


Walking and running is great. I don't use any plan, I just run intervals as to how I feel and it seems to work out okay.



I want to up the mileage to 6 miles but only train 3 days a week I am thinking of running 2 days and walking 1 day that will add another 4weeks on a 10 week plan ..if that makes sense


I'm a run/walker myself, that's how I do my HM's. My body and heartrate just prefer it. I was so tired after 5km's and wasn't progressing any further or faster. My pace and speed is actually faster then when I was running continuously, strange to believe but as soon as I "allowed" myself to do this I found my distance running feet. Some train using both continuous and run/walk methods so they can always run a continuous 5km. It really comes down to a personal choice, once you have graduated the sport is there for you to make whatever you decide to get out it. Jeff Galloway and our very own Bazza1234 are very good places to find information.


Thanks for the info


Sounds to me like you are trying too hard - 5K @ 3 times per week should be "do-able" for anybody who can run 5K in 32 minutes (like me! :) ) - as for 5AM, well you are either an early morning person or you are not!! :)

BUT - if 32 mins is your best pace for a 5k, then you should not be running at this pace 3 times per week!!! Try running 1 of those runs at around 35-36 mins and increase another run slowly until you can get to say 10K at the same slow pace - and once per week try running some one klm repeats at (say) a 30 minute 5k pace ( 6 mins per klm) with a couple of minutes walk rest in between - once per month (only) go to parkrun and try to get a PB (personal best) faster than 32 mins.

The Bridge to 10K podcasts are similar to C25K - in that they slowly have you running with some short walk breaks until you get to 10K - you can get a visual of it here


Thanks for the reply


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