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Encouragement that walking and running can get you a long way


Hi, just wanted to share some encouragement for those of us who are still fairly early in the C25k and wondering if we'll ever be "a runner". I'm only at the end of week 3 but ended up doing the park run on Saturday. The lovely 1 min/1 walk pacer who got me round the course was telling me that she and her son only ever do walk/run combos - usually run for 3-4 mins, walk 1 min - and they have completed 10k and even half marathon races! I found it really encouraging to think that I don't have to focus on being able to run for a really long time, but can build up and gradually improve. Thought it worth sharing as might encourage others who are feeling a bit daunted - walking/running still gets you round the course (even if it is at the back!!)

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You are outside in the fresh air and moving, whether that will be walking, skipping, jogging, dancing, shuffling it doesn't matter....I never started C25K to be a 'runner', I'm about to do my first half marathon next Sunday .....😱

Anyone who puts people down for being at the back, slow, or even last is an idiot who knows nothing about health and exercise.......

It's about you, no one else, keep going lovely, make it fit you.



Can I just add to that that I have been graduated for a couple of years now and I am a total convert to run/walk. Having finished the programme and done several 10ks as well as lots of parkruns with continuous running I have been experimenting with the Galloway run/walk method and ran my first 10k event using 60:30 run/walk at the weekend. I got my second best ever 10k time at 1:10:17 which is quite amazing considering it was a hilly course. I find it much easier to maintain speed over longer distances and finished feeling fresh instead of drained and exhausted, today I have no aches and pains and I am no spring chicken....

My heart rate goes a bit high on high on longer runs and with my doctors approval I run run/walk my longer runs, I have done both my HM's that way. For a HM it's Is still running over a full 10km when you work it out. The beauty about this program is that after graduation you have all you need to decide what you want to do with it. Run, Run/walk, triathlon, tough mudder and the list just goes on and on. I love reading the different stories of what people go on to do with the C25K when they have graduated.


Walk runs are proven to be a good way of tackling runs, not just Couch. I always walk at some point in races. Nothing wrong with it at all. It means finishing 🙂

Jeff Galloway has written books about his run walk race method, and it's a best seller 🙂

Have fun!😀


Wow - that is inspiring! Thank you for sharing


Wonderful.. what a super and helpful post... Glad you are having such fun on this journey!

It is all about enjoyment and taking it at our own pace.. :)

Many of us do the walk/run intervals as we progress too, so useful for improving style and maybe increasing distance and speed too.. Thank you :)

Liz_B in reply to Oldfloss

Thanks, that's really encouraging! 🙂

Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences - I didn't realise run/walk was so well used, will have to go check Galloway out now! I think for us novices it is often presented that running the whole time is the goal, so it's great to discover there is a whole new world of options! (And just as well really as running for 5 mins today in W4 seemed quite enough! 😉)

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