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Week 6 Run 2 after 10 day break

It's been very difficult motivating myself to do anything sometimes, let alone run when I'm under the weather. I started week 6 last Monday 6 may, but didn't go again until Friday of this week. Still, at least I got out there as soon as I felt up to it. I considered doing run 1 again but opted to take the next step and see how I went.

It turned out to be the right choice, though it was difficult to keep going for the first 10 minute run. This is because my new longer route involves about 5 minutes of a gradual climb. My legs did not want to move, it was hard to breathe and I really felt like stopping, but I told myself I could make to that house, now make it to that post, and gradually I did it! The 2nd 10 minutes was easy by comparison because it was flat, in fact I sped up a little for the last 60 seconds. I am quite pleased with my progress given how long I've had off. I also put 3lb on in the time off so I'm carrying extra weight too :)

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Good that you are back again, well done! It is smart to stay home when you are feeling poorly ... Just a blooming nuisance that a few pounds seem to blob back on! I sometimes get the impression that just walking by food shops or cupboards adds pounds on me - but having run regularly for four months now I am, at least, finding my weight stabilising much better. Still not lost much but my shape has altered quite considerably and my waist is back! I'm hoping now the running bug has bitten, that I will gradually see more weight changes -several people have said it takes ages, and that running alone isn't a way to lose weight: it has to be accompanied by sensible/reduced eating too ..... So, good luck to us both with longer runs ahead, eh? Take care, Linda ;)


I think you did brilliantly - I'm doing the same run later this morning and you'll be a bit if an inspiration, frankly.


well done for keeping going, its tough isnt it when you have to stop for a bit to get going, but you did it ! good for you, im doing that run on monday, and just back from holiday too so iv got some extra weight to carry with me also grrr. good luck with your runs though, you can do it , we are getting there :-)


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