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W2R3 :-)

completed W2R3 today, a little later than normal as should have been Thursday but unable to . I strangely enough enjoyed todays run and wasnt as puffed out as i was in r1 and r2 of this week.

was a little frosty outside this morning so had to be careful but because it was so cold was glad to get it over and done with asap! i was slipping over the place, not good :-(

the dreaded W3 !! see how it goes.

thanks for comments before - i enjoy the posts and encouragement x

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Wahay - well done. Don't worry about W3 - you'll breeze through. Lovely to hear that you enjoyed today's run. That's more than most people do and if you weren't so puffed that means that you're beginning to feel the benefit of it.

Be careful - don't want you going Ar*e over T*t!


Well done on finishing W2, I am due to do W3R3 when i get a chance, i find it hard work but oddly enjoyable. Keep going and good luck, Ed


Thanks :-) you too x


See if you weren't as puffed this means you are ready for w3, well done on completing w2 and good luck with w3 you will be fine :-)


Well done, AFL! You're well on your way through the programme - lots of people find the first 2 weeks the hardest by far! It sounds as if you've been bitten by the bug! Keep running and keep us posted with your progress. :)


Well done you !!! And I know what you mean about the ice, it was a nightmare this morning where i live, so slippy :(

I'm doing Week 3 now, finding it a bit of a struggle to be honest, can't finish the final 3 minute jog at the minute :( will keep repeating until i can.

Good luck with your progress.


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