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Presents!! :-) and...Week 7 run 1

The best thing about today wasn't my run - although it went reasonably OK. 25 minutes was quite enough as I was trying to lift my feet higher off the ground (aching inner thighs afterwards). The best thing of all was that my son, who is so proud of my running, gave me a runner's hat (navy with fuschia inserts), some running socks and a super bum bag especially for runners - I'd never seen one like it before - it even has a clever little hole for my ipod wire! Yes, I guess most of you have one but it's all new to me :-)

I feel so encouraged :-) and loved :-)

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Oh how lovely, I love pressies any little bit of encouragement must be greatly appreciated, you must be looking like a really well dressed runner now, Ally x


Well I hadn't seen an ipod-friendly bum bag either! What lovely thoughtful presents. :)


Aaahhh that was lovely, enjoy using your new gear. I like my runners bum bag and use it for my phone, car keys etc. Also in the summer I clip a small water bottle to it just in case I need a drink on longer runs. My Ronhill running cap is used all year round, summer when the sun is hot (1/2 hour last year!!!) I turn it round and keep the sun off the back of my neck. Hubby says I should try running that direction I might be faster!! :)


Ohhhhhh...pressies! :-) Son must be very impressed and proud of his runner mom. Enjoy the goodies!!!! :-) Gayle


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