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Couch to 5k Campaign! Lets Make Lovely Laura Our Leader!

May I suggest that we start a petition / campaign to get the C25k plan into schools and colleges? Even to promote it to a wider audience would be so amazing.

After reading all the positive blogs and comments on this forum, we know that the plan works and we know it can help people. Not only does it improve general fitness, it can weight loss and, most importantly, it provides untold mental happiness. The sense of achievement is just amazing!

Some members have mentioned that their children have decided to follow the plan alongside them, either as moral support or to increase their own fitness. How lovely to have your child want to spend time with you, of their own free will - teenagers especially!

As most of you know, unless you are a naturally sporty person, PE at school is horrible. Imagine the number of fake notes written in order to get out of PE by pupils! The plan is only 9 weeks long and each run lasts only 30 mins - plenty of time for a PE lesson surely?

Think how the plan could help our children to be fitter and more healthy. As many of you know, child obesity is on the increase. As it's a running plan, no special equipment is necessary and so schools / colleges wouldn't have to break the bank to start doing it.

If the school / college situation is not feasible, we should at least try to make more people aware of the plan. I'm sure I read a post / comment once from a GP who had no idea the NHS had such a plan. Imagine that! A GP who did not know about a simple, and I think safe way to improve fitness / lose weight. The mind boggles!

So I think that we all (graduates and newbies), owe it to the people to spread the wonderful word of the C25K plan. Get Britain running!

Lovely Laura for PRESIDENT!!!

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i agree wholeheartedly! I tried to sound out my diabetes nurse about exercise and she was delighted to hear I am starting C25K. I was asking if there was a chance of setting up a support group but she found to many problems with that. Still, I do have the blog page to help me! I think the programmes about eating/bodies etc on TV could be a good starting point to get it promoted.


Great idea!! I have got my brother in the US also interested after he heard how I have improved my stamina while running. Child obesity is a major issue and running is also an excellent way to meet new people and make friends


Totally agree!!!

PE at school was too competitive. In races the unfit kids like were left behind feeling totally disheartened. Talk about survival of the fittest! In other subjects they put you in sets to match your ability, why not PE?

No wonder I spent my whole life thinking I hated exercise! Turns out if you do it at the right pace anything's possible!


A tv series featuring unlikely runners (eg most of us?!) and following their progress through c25k and beyond - that would be good. :)

I'd love to see it in schools too.


Get's my vote!!!


I agree! I wish I'd had this program 25 years ago! I thought running was impossible for me until I found it. I had no idea how to get from the little bit I could run to real running.


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