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Wow I did it week 4 run 1

Went out last night in the pitch dark a little later than normal after a late tea and was totally dreading this run.

Felt like I really struggled at the end of week 3 but like a few of you said I had to at least give it a go, I'm so glad I took that advise on! I got to the end of the first 3 mins and started thinking I could do this, both 5 mins weren't exactly a walk in the park but I did them and then I even managed another 2 min run at the end!!

2.4 miles and even knocked a minute off my mins per mile so I'm chuffed :-)

Thank you to everyone on this blog I really do believe you are all getting me through this - well you lot, my legs and Laura ha ha :-)

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Great stuff, Nelly! More power to your legs (and Laura, of course!). :)


Wow, turbo power. great going, you are well on your way :-)


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