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Week 6

Okay well I have done run 2 week 6 and I have found it very hard. The 20 minute run last week was just about manageable but have found week 6 a real struggle. I have read a lot about people's trials and tribulations with this week but my struggle has not been that I dislike the intervals just that my legs still feel like lead. I've been trying to concentrate on good breathing(ha ha) and I am going slow but like many this week has been a bit disheartening. I really can't see 25 minutes being done. Sorry for the doom and gloom.

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I've just done the same run tonight! I did struggle on the second run but is was uphill a bit then, at least I had the Cornish North cliffs scenery to take my mind off the sore legs!

I bet you said the same thing on week 1, keep at it, you have made to week 6......


I still struggle with the 'lead legs', Alfie, but I think that in my case it's linked to my diet. On the whole I have a fairly healthy diet, eating whole meal grains and very little in the way of refined flour and sugars, but on the occasions I do indulge I've noticed it really affects my running. As well as this, any kind of alcohol has a similar effect as does being a bit dehydrated (which goes hand in hand with the alcohol bit I suppose!).

Don't stress too much about the prospect of 25 mins - if need be repeat a few runs and maybe take an extra rest day - at the end of the day it doesn't matter if the programme takes you 9 weeks or 90 weeks! You're still being more active than if you were still on the couch! :)

Best wishes.

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I think that many people dislike intervals because of the lead legs feeling - if I stop, and then start again, that's how my legs respond. But if I keep going, sometimes at least, they sort of loosen up a bit, and it gets a bit easier after 5 or 10 minutes.

Anyway, you've done 20 minutes, so you can do that again, and as oona says, that's a whole load more than not doing any at all (or than 60 seconds!). Don't be too dispirited - you've come a long way! :) Bet you surprise yourself in a run very soon.


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