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Hills not good! week 6 r3

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Just finished my week 6 run 3 today but I had a lot of head gremlins, I found it really hard although I carried on for the full 25 minutes. Where I run in the woodland there are 2 moderate hills which I struggle with so to get through this run I had to double back a few times to keep on the straights otherwise I don't think I could have done it. Does anyone else have to compete with hills? Maybe I'm making it hard on myself and need to find a park I really do want to get through to the end.

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If you're really struggling with the hills then yes maybe find a flatter route. Then come back to the hills later they really make you work hard . I have 2 steep hills if I go anti clockwise and just an incline if I go clockwise so I mix it up.

Good luck 😊

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Oxy237Graduate in reply to Buddy34

Thank you, yes I think that's what I need to do its just so convenient with the woodland on my doorstep, id have to drive to go to a park but in order to get me through week 7 I think I'll see what parks are around.

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I struggle with hills too so your not alone, can you alter you route slightly ir mix it up a bit. You will get fitter and find the hills easier in time...Good luck for Week 7

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Oxy237Graduate in reply to RunRunRun13

Thank you, such amazing support on this site! yes I am going in search of flat parkland over the weekend for my week 7 runs.

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Well done on doing this run, it's quite a landmark! I had to do most my runs with hills which I found incredibly hard however when I had the opportunity to run on flat after, I found it so much easier so it is great training!

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Oxy237Graduate in reply to Couchpotato2

Oh that's really good to know thank you, I'm 50 in two months time and never been able to run so I'm chuffed to bits that I've got this far and don't want to give up on account those pesky hills so I'm heading for the flats next week, I might do the occasional hill in between just to see if I can still rise to the challenge now that the runs a little harder.

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Couchpotato2Ambassador in reply to Oxy237

Good idea ! Also now you’ve run 25’ you are in the home straight, no talk of stopping please! :-)

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Oxy237Graduate in reply to Couchpotato2

Lol no way! I'm not giving up without a fight I'm determined to do this.

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I actively avoided hills. Slopes were ok,but for me it was more important to keep moving for the set time.

I'm about two weeks post graduating now,and tackle hills.

Just do what works for you.

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Oxy237Graduate in reply to Letties

Well done for completing, yes I think I could manage if I cut out the hills and then try them again once I've graduated, thank you for the advice.

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Yep, I can’t avoid the blighters and my runs are like a U shape whichever way I go: up to start flat in middle and up at the end . Doing us good though even though they nearly see us off. I drove up the one I usually end with earlier in the week and saw a runner running up it and thought ‘ I can do that too!’ It felt good! Keep at it!

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