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Cure for a sore/hurt foot


It was Run 2 of Week 8 today morning. I ran for scheduled 28 minutes ( I think would have covered 3.5-3.75 km) , but felt good to run another 10-12 minutes, as I wanted to complete a 5 k, at least once in my life. Well, it felt good when completed, though I need to work on my speed. (5 k in say 40 minutes, currently).

But in the process, I think I might have hurt my foot a little. My left foot (just near instep/arch) is hurting a bit. Any ideas, apart from rest ?

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You can get this by "overtraining" but unless it gets bad, you should be OK to run on it. That said, if it's Plantar Fasciitis (affecting the tendons that - roughly speaking - join the heel to the toes) it could be serious and put you out of action for months.

I'm not medically qualified but have been through it ... I don't think you've done enough to induce serious damage and a pair of gel heel inserts for your shoes might help- slip them under your insoles. That was what got me back on the straight and narrow.

But if you have any doubts, get checked out by your GP.

75bishGraduate in reply to Malcy

Malcy, Thank you for the advice. I do hope it's not serious (it's a mild pain, with moderate discomfort when I walk). I have just started jogging/ running about a month and half ago, and it will be disastrous for me, if that is the case.

MalcyGraduate in reply to 75bish

Another technique to help is to get a ball (size of a golf ball but softer) and roll your foot back and forth. It massages the tendon and really helps it get better.

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