Day 2 of week 7 - Why are my legs hurting so bad?

I've just completed day 2 of week 7 running for 25 minutes straight. When I completed the previous 20 minutes run in a previous week I was really surprised with myself that I completed it and felt like I still had more in the tank. I felt good about going into week 7. Although I completed it my legs during the run were really hurting and could have easily given up 10 minutes in. I did continue and finish but am really suffering. Any advise if/or when this is likely to improve? Is it best to have a rest? or persevere?


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  • I was also slightly surprised by the 25min runs. I found the 20 min runs a bit of a breeze and really looked forward to ramping it up. I didn't suffer really post run with pains in the legs but did find the runs themselves quite tough and for the first time really recognised myself mentally battling to keep going. I wouldn't worry to much though, if you are suffering with pain, then maybe just take an extra days rest and let the legs recover before the next run.

  • Will give myself a 3 day break now. Didn't run today and am planning my next run for Saturday. Hopefully will make the difference. Mentally I think will help also. Thanks for the advice!

  • Extra rest days won't hurt now you are doing longer runs...your legs will thank you. Plus remember that its not about speed yet, just endurance... go slowly and you will keep something in the tank. You can work on speed once you have graduated and can run for 30 mins 'comfortably'...

    Good are doing well.😊

  • I must admit, I've become more conscientious about speed. Thought I was going steady but maybe I need to go more speedy. Thanks for the good luck wishes

  • I hope you meant less speedy.πŸ˜„

  • I meant more steady, not more speedy. No more speed left in me that's for sure

  • Another vote for extra day of rest. It makes huge difference. Same will happen on week 8 and 'just 3 minutes extra'.

  • Rest it is then. Think will help me mentally also, knowing I feel completely rested before my next run. One run away from week 8. Hoping the leg pain won't get much worse

  • Extra rest is good! Are you also stretching after each run? It can make a big difference.

  • I do the 5 minute walk before and after run but must admit I don't stretch. Got to be worth a shot. Thank you

  • Streching after your run while your muscles are still warm will help Spicers. Try and get in the habit of stretching out your hamstrings and thigh muscles and maybe do some toelifts and heeldrops after your warm down walk. 😊

  • I'm having the same problems/issues around week 6/7. Stamina has been fine, but it's the legs that are getting hit. I was actually concerned it might be age and dodgy knees, but I'm hoping it just requires my body to adapt. I find that the 5 minute walk warm up is not enough and now dedicate time to stretching calves etc beforehand which has helped. But it still seems to be taking several days for my legs to recover. I think I might try the stretches after the run as well. Does anyone have any specific suggestions for post-walk stretching? Also, what is the average number of rest days people take?

  • Stretching I think is the way to go and not something I have been doing. Am also interested to hear of any specific suggestions for post walking stretching. I usually have one day rest in between runs. Usually run Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Sat and Sun off, but have found this probably is not enough rest for my legs. Hoping will improve with the stretching and having a little rest now to fully recover.

  • Im not an expert but I believe that stretching after you exercise is beneficial while your muscles are still warm. Do the warm up walk, run, warm down walk, stretch.

    I think you can hurt yourself trying to stretch your muscles before exercise while they are cold.

  • Will def try it after walk down. Thanks for the advice. Will let you know how I get on

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