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W6R3 - I just ran for 25 minutes :-)

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After a few days break due to the very windy and rainy weather I finally got round to doing W6R3. Thought I was doing it on my own but at the last minute my husband said he was coming with me.

I had my own playlist again but had listened to Laura beforehand. I fixed the playlist so instead of having Laura say "You're a real runner now" at the end I had Bruce Springsteen "Born to Run" as my last song.

It was hard work especially as we did the route with the up hill bits first. I slowed down for the hills and when I got out of breath. When my husband said to go faster I said no Laura says I have to go at my own pace.

I was so happy to get to ten minutes. It was hard work but I knew I could do it. Glad I wasn't running on my own for this run as I needed someone to celebrate with when I finally got to 25 minutes! I got a stitch in the last few minutes but I kept going and took deep breaths. It really is mind over matter and good music helps.

When I downloaded my results to Nike + I found I'd done 3.3km in 25 minutes which is a pace of 7 minutes 38 seconds per km - much higher than I was aiming for and my bpm playlist. I'm going to measure the actual route distance on a map tomorrow at work but the distance sounds about right.

Can't wait to get out there again on Tuesday for week 7 and on my own this time!

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