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W9R1 - slow but secure

Toyed with the idea of giving today's run a miss today because (a) the wind is strong and I'd already read a blog where someone had had to give up (sorry, forget who) and (b) I'm giving a Park Run a go tomorrow and didn't want to tire myself out.

However, because I want to keep up a regular routine I forced myself out the door. The run went well. Bit slower than W7R3 but at least I got round and didn't feel completely exhausted. I think I may have held back a bit partly because I don't want to tire myself out for tomorrow and also because of the additional 2 minutes running required.

Passed another runner and was all prepared to smile and say hi but he completely blanked me. :( I'm sure it wasn't personal - I expect he was just in his "zone" and concentrating. He had headphones in so maybe he's listening to Laura in an earlier week :D (although I hate to say it he looked like a seasoned pro to me!).

Bit worried that I might be overdoing it this weekend with today's run, tomorrow's Park Run and Sunday's W9R2 (I'm not counting the PR as part of the C25K programme) run but I'll see how it goes.

Happy running weekend everyone!

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Why not just count the parkrun as run 2? i can't quite think why not? Then your grad run could be on Mon/Tues and you won't be so exhausted for it? Or leave the parkrun until next week as a celebration after you've graduated?

Three consecutive days of long runs sounds like a recipe for being miserable/injured/very slow - or all three!

Take care, and enjoy your runs! :)


To be honest I would've preferred to have left the PR until another week or two but it so happens that a friend of mine (seasoned runner) is a marshall (the tail runner) at this week's event and thought it would be a perfect opportunity for me to stroll along at the back of the pack with him. He's been so kind and so encouraging I couldn't bring myself to say no!

Guess I could count the PR as Run 2 so long as I keep going for 30 minutes. I'm a bit of a purist at heart which is why I wasn't originally going to count it. I'll see how it goes.

Can't believe I'm so close to grad now! How exciting!


That sounds like a very good reason to do it today! Hope it went well for you. :)

I'm a purist too, but if you run for at least 30 minutes, that seems pretty 'pure' for run 2 to me!


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