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W6R3 - The Beast is dead!

In my last post I likened this run to a beast that needed slaying and thought then it would get the better of me. But the beast is dead!

I have been following quite a lot of the W6R3 blogs and took encouragement from them all. Especially from the 60+ age group as I'm there as well.

Finally managed to get out and run today. I have had a 3 day rest period due to constant heavy rain so I was feeling a bit doubtful about running for 25 mins. However, although it was hard, I kept going and Laura's voice came just I was flagging. Didn't manage to up the pace for the last 60 seconds. In fact I didn't have the strength to hold my head up and look ahead.

But I have finished W6 which for me is a major achievement. Have had to set my finish goal back, but if all goes well should finish W9R3 on Saturday 1 June.

My thanks to all on the C25K bog community who help keep me on track.

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Well done for slaying that beast! Just keep plodding on now, and graduation is in your grasp!

Maybe ease off the pace a bit at the start of your runs, so you have a bit left in the tank at the end? You can build up pace after graduation, and those last few weeks are pretty full on - much more pleasant to do them at a relatively comfortable pace than needing to grit your teeth all the way through? Though we're all different, and some like to fight hard! :)

And 2 or 3 recovery days are probably not a bad idea!


Thanks for the encouragement.


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