Oh is that what it is?

Well it looks like I have a problem with my IT band, nothing to do with pc's! I thought it was weak quads but my symptoms match to the research I've done. It starts off round my knee then after a few hours and especially the next day I have a sore hip. Good news is I'm doing the right thing by foam rollering.Oh I need to strengthen those glutes which I have been doing, fingers crossed...

Here's a link for anyone interested...


and exercises for glutes



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  • my it band burns when I run but it has improved as I have run more.

  • Oh that's good maybe it will get better as I run more. Did you do any foam rollering or stretches?


  • Hi swanscot, I did thank you but it hasn't loaded :(so once more thank you so much for the info.

    Hope you're enjoying your running.


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