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W4R1 Tonight

starting to play the numbers game now to try and psyche myself up ....

.. last week during each run I did 9 mins of running (1.5+3+1.5+3) plus 9 mins of walking in between - so for 50% of the time I was out I was running as opposed to just walking.

... this week I'll be running for 16 mins with walking making up the remaining 5.5 mins - which is more than running for 75% of the time.... and total running time is over half of the overall time..

.. I can do 3mins, so I WILL do 5mins .... come on Laura do your worst...

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I've played the numbers game today too :) I'm about to start week 3 which has the same number of minutes running as week 2 but the thought of running for 3 mins is a little bit (well ok very) daunting! That said i'm determined to give it my best shot.

Good luck!


Well done! What a great milestone. Keep it up!


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