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Legs v Stepping Stone, The rematch

I have put the podcast on my mp3 player, charged it, washed and aired my running top, looked out my running socks and set my alarm. Weather check says tomorrow will be a nice day, sunny but cool when I go for my run in the morning. Trainers checked, they are starting to wear a little but have plenty grip left which is good.

Today I have taken the dog two big walks in order to gently stretch my calf out. Tonight a bath to ease up the muscles and I have some new extra strength ibuprofen gel which I have tested and it seems good.

I am as prepared for stepping stone tomorrow morning as I am likely to be. I have a bit of enthusiasm and a bit of apprehension, I hope that is a good sign. I am going to give this a darn good try.

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I'm very stiff and very tired but today I beat stepping stone. I was struggling pretty badly at 20 minutes and had a near overwhelming urge to stop when Laura said 2 minutes to go. I managed to finish and then, just as a bit of revenge at stepping stone, I decided to keep going to the end of the street. That meant that I actually ran for 5.05km in 32 mins 30 seconds. My 5k time was 32:14 according to my calculator. I can now enjoy deleting stepping stone from my mp3 player and just run to music.


Legs 1 Stepping Stone 0

Well done! :) I love the way you had to run further, just to prove a point ;)


I definitely had a stubborn moment. I also felt that since stepping stone defeated me last time I tried it, I needed to do a smidge more or otherwise it would have felt like a draw! Thanks for the congrats, really makes the tiredness seem worth it :)


Woohoo! Glad you beat it!


Good for you returning to the Stepping Stones podcast and beating it.

If you're interested in trying running to different beast to stretch yourself, you can get free podcasts from with beats per minute from 125 to 185. You may find one that suits your leg stride/beat.


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