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Week 2 done and dusted

Week 2 completed. Getting a bit further each run which is good to see and look back on when a little motivation is needed.

Did find it more difficult than I expected, 30 seconds actually does make a bit of a difference but I got through it.

I did however read a post that said they had found run 2 the worst just before I went out for day 2 and I think I subconsciously took that on board and really struggled to keep going...but I did as I told myself I'b be going back out in the afternoon if I quit :)

Ill keep it in mind from now on that just coz someone else found a certain day hard doesn't mean it will be!!

Only other big change is the weather has suddenly gone from -5C to 20C and running in the heat is a whole new ball game, think i'll start morning runs and maybe taking a water it a hassle running with one??

Nervous about week 3 being a big step up but also excited, soon it'll be week 9!

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I just finished week 2 as well!

Technically, this is my fifth week, but as I was scarily unfit when I started this I decided to do '2 rounds' of each week. My last week 2 run was on Wednesday, and I kept putting off starting week 3 because I thought it would be a huge leap from 90 seconds (which, on some days, I was just about managing). But I dragged my backside out of bed early this morning and went out to give it a go, and you know what?

I did it! And whilst it wasn't a total breeze, it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be either. I think there's something to be said for morning runs - if I run in the evenings it will have been in the back of my head all day, whereas going first thing meant I didn't have time to build it up into a big deal and scare myself.

I make use of a local football pitch and training pitch which are essentially side by side, so I leave my water bottle in a corner where I can grab a drink if i need one. I have no idea how I would get through it without water!! But having said that, I do find it annoying running with the bottle. It's just an ordinary bottle though - I know there are ones you can get which are designed for running (with a built in handle etc)

Good luck in week 3 - I promise it's not as bad as you'd imagine!


Lovely to hear your success and advice! well done!

I'm just back from my run, I agree on the morning thing, often I go after lunch but I can see thats out of the question now! it was 15 degrees before 9am.

But the run was great! don't get me wrong it was a little hard keeping my legs moving towards the end of the 3 mins but I managed it....I even got confused and was all ready for one last 1.5min run but then Laura told me to cool down so that was a nice surprise.

Definitely made a difference to my overall difference with the 3 mins less this week but must be all part of the plan!

I look forward to following your blogs :)


Hi hutsa, congratulations on your first run of week 3. I did mine on Saturday and, a lot like you, I found it a bit of a struggle towards the end of the three minutes. Not so much the first repetition, but definitely the second. But overall it wasn't too bad and I'm doing run 2 later today. I think my mind was telling me I wouldn't manage three minutes but actually my body was saying, come on! - lets have a go! Maybe the mental hurdles are bigger than the physical ones sometimes... Great job anyway, good luck with the rest of week 3! :o)


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