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Week 3 done and much easier!

There was a lot of runners out this morning and a group of 'British Military Fitness.' I felt sorry for the group with the guy in charge shouting at them, barking orders. I know some people prefer that style of training but I prefer to run at my own pace with music,( well some of Laura's music)! and on my own. I nearly joined the group actually before I started this programme, glad I didn't. It looked a bit like netball with everyone wearing bibs, which I hated at school, always went cross country running if I could.

Anyway misjudged the weather again, it looked a bit cold but again was hot as soon as I started running in my long sleeved top. Found it much easier this run and wasn't gasping to stop on the last three minutes. Oh and my pace has picked up acc. to 'runkeeper.' The best thing about today was I really didn't feel like it and now I feel just wonderful!!


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Funny how often runs do that - make you feel so much better once they're over! ;)


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