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Must be mad

6am on a sat morning?! I've never seen 6am let alone been out doing exercise, nevertheless I knew this was my last chance to go out and complete week 2!!

It's my birthday tomorrow and due to celebrations I won't be able to do week 3 till Tuesday, but I didn't want to still be completing week 2 then I wanted to be upto week 3 and I'm so pleased I will be :-)

The running was awful but I did it, my right side of my right foot was completely numb but I still got through it and I'm pleased with myself as I'm normally a bit of a quitter and an excuse maker - hopefully I'm changing that for good.

Off to celebrate now, hope everyone has a lovely bank holiday weekend :-) :-)

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You too Nelly and well done


Ah you have the running bug!!! well done you

I love early morning runs although mine this morning was thwarted by everything needing charging lol

Happy birthday for tomorrow I hope you have a wonderful weekend Good luck with W3 xxx


Good on you for starting the day with an early run, it's a lovely time to be out (if the weather is fine)! Have a great weekend too and then you'll be rested and ready to move onwards and upwards with W3 soon. Take care and Happy Birthday for tomorrow! :D Linda x


Methinks you're hooked! Well done and happy birthday!


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