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Up a hill? Running? You must be mad!


C25K is over *sobs* & I braved my first run on Thursday as a free person and bravely decided to change my route .... oops! The start of my run was weird and I just couldn't get in the 'zone', I ran for about 10 minutes and decided when I got to the top of the usual hill I would just walk but I'm pleased to say I didn't give in, when I got to the top of the hill I had two choices run downhill, my usual modus operandi, or run up the second adjoining hill. Guess what I did folks :D :D. I ran it!! I still ran my 30 minutes in total and had my cool down walk and it was great! It really shows that it is mind over matter and that your body will do whatever your mind tells it.

And now the new C25K+ pod-casts are out!!! *grins madly* so today I am going to run using one of them. I've also done the strength & stamina pod-cast today, week 1. The great thing about the strength pod-casts is Laura explains how to do things very simply & slowly. I am a total klutz, I mean the first (and last time) I attempted aerobic class I spent most of the class 'stepping it out' as I had no idea which way was up - if the instructor went one way, I would go the other. A lot of the class was also spent apologising to those who were affected by my lack of co-ordination! Trying exercise DVD's has almost resulted in home insurance claims, tins of beans as weights near expensive electrical equipment can be dangerous to your health and the nerves of your partner who happens to love his wide-screen TV!! Anyhow, back on topic, Laura talked me through what to do and I did it. It felt really good to stretch my muscles - I did hear some worrying cracks and pops but I think that's my joints way of saying 'excuse me, it is 05:30 AM! Why are we moving? Go back to bed!'

A bit of a rambling blog* so apologies.

Happy running folks :D

*Am I still allowed to blog on here now I'm a graduate?

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Great blog :-) I will now go to itunes to look at the new podcasts :-) Thanks

in reply to SnowyOwl

Good luck with trying the new podcasts - let us all know how you get on :)


What a lovely blog, loved the bit about previous exercise attempts :-) Enjoy the C25k+ let us know what it's like...

in reply to Phil72

Thanks :D I have just tried the new C25K + podcasts and phew what a workout that was. *smiles*


Of course you can blog as a graduate!!!

I need to take a look at the strength podcasts for 'rest' days as I don't normally do anything! You style in aerobic classes sounds just like mine :)

in reply to AliB1

I'm pleased I can still blog; I like to have a 'ramble' lol!

The strength & flex are quite good and easy going, well so far :) , but I'm sure they will have an effect. Good luck with them I'm sure you'll enjoy them as, unlike aerobic classes, no one will see when you turn the wrong way & trip over your own feet!! :D


what are these 'strength podcasts'??

in reply to peggy-jean

If you got the C25K main homepage there is a link to the strength podcasts and they are designed to stretch your muscles - ideal to do on your rest days. You can download from iTunes or from the NHS website.

Link: nhs.uk/LiveWell/strength-an...

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