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How many ways did I not enjoy this run

I was looking forward to running until I started! Suddenly realised I felt tired (5x50 beginning to bite?) which made me wonder how many other things were wrong, so I counted. And they were just about all my fault!

Tired - check

Not properly hydrated - check

Still full from lunchtime (this piggie ate all the pies) - check

Starting off too fast (after all the warning, can you believe I did that) - check

My particular biiiig hill to go up when, by now, not in the mood, it had seemed a good idea when I set off as I caned it on Tuesday night - definitely got it's revenge as I walked 400m of it today - check

Glutes really aching on both side towards the top - check

Still looking forward to the next one though. :-)

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great blog, I feel your pain, but well done for carrying on, Julia



It's easier to get over a not so good run when you know why. It's the out of the blue baddies that really hurt.

This is a win, win addiction though.

Good run = want another

Bad run = want a better one next time


Know what you mean about 5x50 starting to bite! I'm feeling a bit tired too, especially running. I've been eating more sweets than usual the last few days (been on a course where sweets were provided and I couldn't resist) and I think that eating too much sugar affects my energy levels. Do you ever find this? I envy your attitude to a bad run - mine is more, bad run - put off the next one for as long as possible! :)


Well at least you know why, Annie - I think the worst runs are the stinkers when you don't ever know what the problem was. Never mind, he next one will be better, and I really like your win/win :)


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