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Knocked nearly 2 minutes of 5K time today!!!

OK, sounds brilliand but in truth, it was down from 50 minutes to 48 minutes. No speed records being broken as yet. And to be honext most of that was walking as well, as have begun to feel some twinges in knee, so am 'off programme' at present, but still trying to keep moving, by brisk walking and little bits of running, when I feel I can. Considering that it took me an hour to do 5K a year ago (walking pace), I am making progress, albeit a bit slower than planned. On plan, I am at week 6, and hope to build up to that again within next coupld of weeks. Still going, and I will get there one day!

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Well done, sounds great that you're pacing yourself and improving at your own speed :)


Well done, remeber slow and steady will get you there. Going slow is still going. To me speed doesn't count it's keeping going that's what matters.

And keeping off that couch! :-)


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