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Starting out

Gone are the excuses - I've made myself start! Living near Beirut means my biggest challenge has always been finding somewhere to run that doesn't involve VERY steep hills. I've moved to a village that has convenient little roads that go along the sides of the mountain as they wind thier way up and down and recovered from a throat infection.

No more excuses, no more "I'll start next week". I've started.

Did W1R1 yesterday and my leg muscles feel a little stiff today. Hoping that within a couple of weeks the programme becomes a habit that I'll miss rather than something I have to make myself do.

Will be back in the UK for a few weeks in the summer, so looking forward to some off road running in cooler weather then!

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I started yesterday too. Glad to hear you have found more forgiving hills. Today its my bum cheeks which ache!


Hi Smilingsuzc, will be interested to compare notes/aches and pains as we go through the programme! Hope the rest of your W1 goes well.


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