C25K and 5x50 - so much more than I expected !

I must start with an apology for not having looked in more frequently since my "Why the **** did I enter the London Marathon" blog. It's been a hectic and stressful week at work and I've had to force myself out the door to keep on top of the 5x50 challenge.

My Much Better Half has been working away and I've missed him but thought I'd make the best of it by cycling and running more.

On Monday I had a tough day at work and felt quite wobbly and ill by the time I got home but, because of the 5x50 challenge made myself get out there and cycle. I spent the first 5km struggling and thinking I ought to give up but ended up doing nearer 14km, including lifting my bicycle over two stiles and a railway track. Tuesday night, I did a training session at running club and, while I'm still slow, I managed to improve noticeably with each lap of the interval training.

Last night, I got home from work feeling completely frazzled and I reluctantly set off to try and cover about 10km on my bicycle. I ended up doing over 30km - more than double my previous distance in one hit. Lots and lots of uphills and lots of stunning scenery and a couple of times I had to carry my bicycle over fallen trees (I got lost !). When I finally got home to an empty house, I rewarded myself with a bottle of red wine !

I expected to feel knackered and hungover this morning but instead I felt great and got up before the alarm. I'd planned to go to running club this evening but BH had to come home early so I missed doing any exercise. To make up for it, I'm planning to cycle to work and back tomorrow (7 miles each way) - that should get me back on track.

I'm loving this ! Two people I know are planning to buy bicycles after reading of my exploits on Facebook and at least two other people claim to have been inspired by me. I'm still a very slow plodder and I'll never win any prizes (unless I live 'til 120 and win a Best in Age Group prize).

15 months ago I started off on the C25K program and discovered this forum - little did I realise then what a HUGE step I was taking. Thank you C25K and thank you to everyone in this wonderful community !


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18 Replies

  • The Monday cycle sounds hardcore!

    Keeping fit does take up masses of time, work and bad days can make it that much harder.

    It's easy to find excuses to not do it, but you managed to get nearly every night this week.

    That's pretty impressive, a few times over the last month I only went out because of the 5x50 kept me motivated.

  • 5x50 is a great help in getting your head straight after a s**t day at work !

  • Sounds like you're working your arms with all that bike lifting :-) I've been amazed with 5x50, sometimes you go out to just get your K in and end up doing much more because you enjoy being outside etc.

  • Wish I could ride a bike. Mum wouldn't let me have one as a kid and now it's too late. Grump!

  • It's never too late!

  • And me, Delia. I'm too scared to learn now :O

  • No, never too late - treat yourself :-)

  • What a fantastic week - well done, and keep it up :)

  • Yay ! Knocked more than five minutes off my cycle to work time this morning - that's about 10% quicker ! :-)

  • Wow...it's tiring reading your blog :) What an amazing amount of energy you have. I haven't been doing any cycling in the 5x50 yet. I have a bike but it is years since I was on it. Maybe at the weekend. Well done on your time to work....superwoman :-D

  • Get the bike out - I'm loving it :-)

  • I have a motorbike and do KM's with that....does it count????

    I promise I will get it out this weekend and let you know how it goes :-D

  • I have motorbikes too but I don't think it counts as exercise, except when they are being a bu**er to kickstart ! ;-)

  • Woo hoo - I've just crossed the 200 km boundary!

  • Yay !

  • It's great to hear you sound so upbeat :) My husband has advised that I don't get a bike. He said I would be a danger to myself and the public :O I used to cycle at university, so he's seen me in action and I'm quite wobbly!!

  • Fantastic, a real inspiration. And keeping it up after 15 months is really encouraging as I have wondered what I will do at the end of this.

  • Joining a running club is definitely a help after graduating, I'm not sure I would have stayed motivated if I'd kept running alone. The 5x50 is amazing too, I'll be sad when the 50 days is up !

    And today I hit my target of averaging 10km a day - it will dip below again tomorrow as I have a 5k race but I think I can maintain it after that. Tomorrow's race may be a struggle - I think all the cycling has caught up with me and my legs are rather sore today !

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