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I've got a wee Malcy man!

Compared to some of the amazing distances some folk have been clocking up, I'm definitely in the bottom end of the table. So I was really pleased when I went on the Malcymeter tonight to see I've got the wee man.

I've signed up for the Race for Life 10k in June and downloaded their intermediate plan. It actually starts too slowly for me so I've modified it. Basically it seems to be an easy run, a fast run and a long run spread across the week with the long run building up in duration as the event approaches. There's also some strength exercises and stretches to do. This evening was a fast run so I tried some circuits round the astroturf at the school. Good news is that according to Endomondo I managed quite a few bursts of sub 5min/k - bad news is this was punctuated by walking for a bit to recover!

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You and the wee man were made for each other. I think this could be the start of a beautiful relationship ...

5 mins per km is great - well done!


Well done, that's a great time. Far faster than I think I'll ever be able to manage.


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