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So proud! W1 r1 done.... No stopping!

Well here I am on the couch, sweating like the well known farm

Animal! I decided I would start as soon as I got home. The weather is 18 degrees, nearly put off by the kids in the street, but using headphones wouldn't hear them but they didn't even glance at me.

End of 5 min warm up was at the bottom of the railway bridge (the only way from there is a climb!) but managed my run. Then ok til run: when I got a stitch, but that cleared and I was ok, out of breath but ok.

But then disaster, I turned back too early and ended up running out of road for last 2 runs, so I ran (repeatedly) around the cul d sac and the next one along! STILL no one looked!

Feeling better about myself than I have in ages..... Do I have to wait a day?

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Haha, well done for getting out there that really is the toughest part. :-) And it is funny how we think people will look at us, and then quickly realise that they don't. Yes it is best to have at least one days rest between run, don't want to get an injury, your muscles need time to rest.

Good luck with run two. :-)


Haha, love this!

Well done you!

I'm on week 1 too and felt so self conscious about running in my neighbourhood at first but it's getting easier. I also totally mistimed r2 and ran out of road and felt like a bit of a wally going up and down my street to finish the run. I've realised just how many runners there are in my area though and I actually hadn't registered them before so they probably don't notice.

Good luck in w2!


Love it. I started mine during the darker evenings, always going out after dark as I felt so self conscious. I now get up at 6.30 for a 7am start in local park for same reasons. I dont know why I feel I am so important that people will waste time staring at me....I must say, I haven't had one funny comment or even a funny look....people really are not very interested. Good luck with the rest of it....


Well done there, and keep it up!


Brilliant, i thought it was just me that was self conscious. I'm on week 1 myself and was dreading people staring at me as i go huffing and puffing down the street. Not so much as a second glance though. Heck i'm almost offended! LOL Good luck with the rest of the course ;0)


Well done for braving the cul de sac! I chose an empty field for my first attempt!


haha, loving your replies, I thought I was the only one self concious. Looking forward to tomorrows run. I was so energised last night the dogs got a long walk too.


Hi there and well done for getting out there the first one is the worst and as u get into it u won't worry. I run around a local field and only see friendly dog walkers! However last week it wad raining so I ran around the block thinking I would only go around about twice but ended up doing approx 6 laps around the block looking like a right drowned plotter, but I actually didn't care cos I was doing it!! I have got off the couch and done something and so have you! I actually should be running w2 r3 now but am sat in the hairdressers so will have to fit it in later.

Anyway keep going you can do it!

Jax1970 x


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