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Advice badly needed for (and sorry to be graphic!) sore nipples???

Bit of a weird one, but I'm sure I'm not the only one out there...

About halfway through my run last night, my nipples were so sore that I could've quite happily thrown in the towel. I didn't, but all last night they were tender, having a bath was very tricky, and they are still tender this morning.

Can anyone recommend any solutions? Vaseline? Tape? Different type of t-shirt material (wore a football type t-shirt as an underlayer last night)?


In other news, yesterday was the first time ever (only started last November) that I've run with the sun shining...whole different ball game. Much harder work. Gonna need to get used to that fairly soon!

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Oh dear, sounds nasty - personally I haven't had this trouble being a woman but my son has used those tiny circular plasters. Hope this helps. :-(


Happens to many of us, I got blood once =(

I don't go out without applying Micropore tape now. Never troubled me again and pretty cheap and doesn't stain your shirt.


It happens, too much sweat and friction. The amount I suffer from it does depend on the tops I wear. Tape or Vaseline can help.

I sometimes get chafing on chest if the top is too loose.


Oh man I feel your pain!

Agree with George42. For me different tops and the looser the worser. Running yesterday with my luminous yellow charity top I finished with 2 red marks and did the joggers nipple dance in the shower ;-)

I did buy this from Run4It same place as the 5x50 tShirts as it had been recommended to me in the past.

Bodyglide Anti-Chafe Balm (Clear - 42g) (unisex)£12.00

It's ok but not foolproof


The little round plasters. :-)


I always put plasters on if I'm running greater than 5km, otherwise my nipples bleed.


Not sure how comfortable will be buying these but there are special 'daisy' plasters ladies can buy to stick over their nipples if they are worried about them showing through clothes.


Gonna go with the round plasters. I'm fairly sure the t-shirt I wore (older type of football shirt) was the main cause, so will be leaving that one in the drawer!

Have a 10k in South Devon on Saturday so won't be taking any chances though. Gonna be sponsored by Elastoplast on that day :o)


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