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After a disastrous attempt on Sunday (it was so windy I could barely walk), I can finally say I have completed my first run of week 2!

Considering my last blog explained how I felt as though I was getting no where with week one, I thought week two was slightly (dare I say it..) easier? I think this is due to the extra half a minute walk and the thought of only having another 30 seconds to complete for the runs. Still on the brink of collapsing after each run but at least i'm finishing them which is all that counts I suppose!

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Congratulations, this programme is definitely as much psychological as it is physical, I struggled on a couple of weeks just because I got myself in to the mindset that I wouldnt be a

able to do it, but some fellow bloggers soon put my mind at ease and told me to only focus on the run in hand, not future ones just switch on the podcast and concentrate on each section as it comes up and before you know it your at the end of the run and one step closer to graduation.

Your doing amazingly, keep it up :)


I much preferred week 2 to week 1! I guess partly because you're a bit more used to being outside and running and all. But it also seemed to go faster because there are less runs :D I'm not very good with too many little intervals.


Well done Sarah91 - like you, I found the extra walking time a big help although I have to admit that I also found the extra 30 seconds quite hard. Keep at it, just focus on the week in hand, and give yourself lots of pats on the back for starting the programme.


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