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Well I've done it W2R1 ☺ I've been a bit nervous about this one! But I'm extatic that I've done it. The final run was a bit tough and I would have liked it to finish sooner. But I kept going to the end. Very proud of myself I must say.

It's hard to believe that a few weeks ago the thought of running 🏃 just made me laugh. But now I voluntarily took myself out for 4 runs, and on my rest days me and the dog go out for a good hours walk. Not bad for an overweight (16st) 38 year old couch potato.

Bring on Friday ☺

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well done! Keep following the program and you'll be hooked in no time :-)

Happy running!


Good on you!! Keep going :) I'm on week 3 & loving it!


Well done. Now you've got moving, don't stop! Keep up with the dog walking as it's a fab cross training exercise and you burn loads of calories the longer you're out. I was out with my neighbour's dog all morning and we had a great time. Once you get into the routine of it you look forward to it and will be jumping up to go out, so will the dog hopefully

Running is great, cheap, burns loads of calories, will make you feel loads healthier but is wierdly addictive and you could find yourself wearing very strange clothing at all hours of the day and night, even in winter!

Good luck with your runs. Have a great time!


It's good for you and it's good for the dog. At the end of the programme you will still be 38 but hopefully no longer a couch potato. You have every right to be proud of yourself, you are making progress.


Well done.

That feeling of achievement when you've done it is amazing isn't it.

I've just completed run 2, week 4 and on a real high.


Congratulation, I am planning W2R1 tomorrow. Have looked up how to breath, so I am not totally out of puff and additional warm up exercises. If I can run the whole of the 90 seconds for the first run I will be ecstatic!


You'll be fine Popley2, If I can do it then believe me anyone can. Just take it nice and steady. I did try the breathing that Laura days about, but I found my own way was easier for me.

Look forward to ready your post tomorrow. Good luck, YOU CAN DO IT ☺


Whoop whoop!!! Congratulations....keep running :)


Thanks everyone all your replies and support are really helping me keep motivated 👟


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