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Music and The App

Hi folks

When I did my first run the other day (second one tomorrow) I was jogging and rockin' along to my playlist but only got some of the voice prompts from my 5K RUNNER app. At least I think I only got some of them cos I didn't hear the half way prompt.

Anyone had this issue? Should I not bother with music and just go with the soothing tones of app woman?


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I take it your aren't using the NHS C25K podcast? They have music on them, possibly not your choice of tunes but Laura tells you everything you need to know along the way. :-)


Ahhh! No? But I will download them. I was using 5K RUNNER - an app from iTunes Store. Thanks!


You're welcome. I hope it works out better for you. :-) Laura certainly got me through to the end. :-) The music isn't all that bad.


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